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Strengthen the communication system construction joint emerg

Author:admin   2011-08-26 20:55
Improve the army to an emergency, carries out the war military operations command, establish and perfect the many means security, many network support, more complementary business, share resources sharing of communication publishes the joint emergency security system is very important.Therefore, the construction of on weekdays, should focus on doing the following:
Perfect emergency communication mechanism
The war military action is often uncertainty, high complexity, the routine and the sensitivity, characteristics, involve all fields and publishes the department, carries out the task force, only on their own communication support is hard to meet the demand, must be ability to establish a perfect a communication guarantee mechanism flexibly.
Establish communication mechanism. Publishes the commandAuthority efficient communication mechanism, is the command communication guarantee the smooth implement the prerequisite.Focus on the military mission needs, carries out diversified communication departments shall establish and improve the publishes the information contact mechanism, command is overviewed in joint emergency command center, under the leadership of the area by the military communications departments and local communication management department, information industry department joint command information of leadership, implement the system of joint conference, make emergency communication security plan together, unified leadership, command to coordinate joint disposal action, avoid overlapping command of contradictions and energy consumption, caused to the greatest extent publishes the information resources integration, to ensure smooth efficient joint action on.
Publishes the perfect communication system to build mechanism.Insist on, intellectual curiosity, with the civilian army in the people, through making a binding laws and regulations and military communication protocol, solve the military communication system and the national communication system unicom, army usually formed the system in a certain proportion state communications resources, enjoy the wartime requisition rate of use at any time to expand mechanism.At the same time, must carry on the corresponding military and civilian communication engineering integration, and the military communication network and relevant civil communication network according to network management regulations and procedures, effective connection as soon as possible military communication network in a civil communication network in, through the military and civilian etc.were to realize national communications, a main nets and military communication network of reasonable compatibility. Main
Sound publishes the information resources sharing mechanism.Gradually break JunJingMin command information system intersected state, establish communication infrastructure resources integration platform to realize disaster forecasting warning to collect, process, distribution of integration, the real time for the chief provided the basis and the command decision support.Military communications departments to be active and strengthen and local telecommunications and other relevant departments, regular contact each other, comprehensive understanding about publishes the information, resources distribution of power use, do the be prepared, camera, always grasp communication guarantee the linkage of the initiative.
Optimization emergency methods of communication
Strengthen the emergency communication network systemWhether gets timely major disaster and malignant accidents, the forecasting information or the first information, the war is a military action the key to the initiative.Emergency and disaster emergency intelligence network, different kinds of form should be different.To natural disasters, at all levels shall establish a monitoring information processing center, monitoring stations and folk observation of the monitoring network system, composed of abnormal phenomena of nature with comprehensive analysis;To terrorist activities and major malignant events, shall establish by the public security department, the security services, military intelligence, and social organizations at the grass-roots level as the main body of the monitoring network, the timely discovery suspicious signs, and master the disposal first.
Strengthening comprehensive emergency communication means construction.The war military action, because regional not fixed, the situation is difficult to predict, maneuver conditions, fiber optic cable and other special fixed communication facilities is often difficult to effectively play a role.To make sure that the first time line ", should be comprehensive use of wireless radio communications, satellite communication, oth communication, wireless communications, surveillance and reconnaissance relay system and other high-tech communication methods, improve "emergency line", "full-time connection" and "the d line" overall support capacity.
Build information resource database construction.Information resource database is a joint emergency command system, is the basic elements of emergency joint command to the efficient information support.At present, at all levels should enhance publishes the basic data, building construction of geological disaster, geographical information, weather information, hydrology information, important goals, defense mobilization, transportation, communication resources and medical health foundation information database, perfect the important data, basic data, and the emergency plan of disaster tolerance measures to strengthen the construction of data mining, and data fusion and information distribution, sharing technology, improve the construction of information resource utilization efficiency.
Do well in the emergency communication support
The war military action happens suddenly, most requires command staff must LinJi decision-making, decisive action.Therefore, at ordinary times the command communication security must also be ready to all-round fully, to ensure that the key moment for a commander to exact decision-making and the effective implementation of the action to provide reliable guarantee.
Perfect joint security plan for emergency communication.Preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure.Carries out the war military action, forces not move, and it will be nastyTherefore, to change "a plan BaoDaTianXia" the traditional approach, according to different characteristics of an emergency, based on the most complex difficult situations, study and establish a numerical simulation, the earthquake relief, ChuTu d steady, DuoZhong joint security plan, and flexibly according to different scale, different environment, different types, different situation, make corresponding forces the communication security plan, ensure the armed forces receive task, can according to the mission characteristics, fast response to the selected solution.
In the case of joint exercises.Strengthen the real case of practice, the war is to improve the information security of military action ability important way.The troops, with responsibility for the task may be joint related local departments, in a planned way and points to organize the communication security steps of the case, through the compositions of the drill, comprehensive practice, practice points inspection command of organization of the scientific nature, the forces deployed the fast, communication organization, fighting the feasibility of using flexibility, according to the results of the drill, further strengthen and perfect the communication security scheme plans to ensure that the complete reliable communication support scheme.
Strengthen two-way reserves emergency communication at ordinary times.Relevant departments at ordinary times publishes in war should be according to the military action may demand and build new communication equipment, apparatus reserve equipped with.The troops on the satellite phone, PDA, GPS receiver, wireless data such as the mobile terminal equipment, portable in key task forces equipped in advance and the main direction;Local communication departments should also focus on increasing county (city), township (town) two level emergency communication method, construction that can have emergency communication car, motor base stations, and other communications satellite phone means, to ensure that in case of an emergency call situation.

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