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About us

    Beijing Diamond Wireless Technology Co., LTD was built and registered in 2007 and we are a new enterpriseis specialized in modern communications and information technology.After the company was founded, the company is committed to the professional communication system integration, VSAT communication network design, project implementation, network maintenance, and high-tech projects system integration, and other aspects of the development. In the process of changing the new technology, the company has always before leading technology front, will be the most advanced technology introduced to the vast number of users, adhering to the innovation, concentrate, the user supreme concept, show the distinctive features of our age and enterprise features.

    Our main products are for the satellite communication VSAT antenna, portable antenna, earth station antenna, high frequency head, bipolar VSAT radio transceivers amphibious machine, etc.

    VSAT products cover C band and KU frequency band with two-way antenna, the single antenna aperture including 75 cm, 84 cm, 96 cm, 1.0 M, 1.2 M, 1.8 M, 2.4 M, among them from 96 cm-2.4 M antenna have Class 1, Class11, Class111 three models of the products. VSAT antenna is a curved surface, and can be used for communication level product high requirement communication system, reflector adopts thermal solid resin one-time pouring, durable and the surface accurate, improve the transmission performance.


    Earth station antenna including C band, KU frequency band, KA frequency band antenna aperture antenna, from 3.5 M to 9.4 M, including some servo system, beacon machine, ADU display unit, etc. Dual polarization VSAT


Quality policy:

The safety and reliability、the products service timely and thoughtful design perfect、innovation follows era

Business principle:

The technical innovation is of the enterprise foothold, closely tracking international new technology and products ,create quality products, the best product and service to create excellence brand!



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