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The national fire emergency rescue will hold

Author:admin   2011-07-08 21:05

The ministry of public security 5, was held in dalian national public security fire control forces emergency rescue will, earnestly implement the relevant documents and the ministry of public security under the state council, and summarizes the conference spirit changsha promote liaoning emergency rescue work experience, communication practice around and speed up the emergency rescue team construction, and further improve public security fire control forces emergency rescue ability. The ministry of public security party member, deputy minister LiuJinGuo attend the meeting and talking.

During the meeting, the delegates heard of liaoning province, dalian and LvShunKouOu government and jiangsu, guangdong province, hubei province, ningxia, zhejiang, tianjin etc emergency rescue work experience is introduced, the LvShunKouOu on-the-spot visit dalian city emergency rescue brigade achievements in construction, viewing the major disaster accident emergency rescue comprehensive exercise.

LiuJinGuo fully affirmed the liaoning province and dalian city around especially practice experience. He pointed out that they have accomplished so much effect, most key of public security organ actively, active as the most basic is the party committee, government, attaching great importance to promote directly. Last November the ministry of public security in changsha working conference, since the national public security fire control forces emergency rescue, pushing the presents the good development momentum. 17 provincial government founded the emergency rescue corps, 153 regional government founded the emergency rescue team, 821 county government founded the emergency rescue brigade. Among them, liaoning, shangdong, hubei, hunan province, city and county levels of government, all set up comprehensive emergency rescue team. June 9,, under the state council ?

LiuJinGuo requirements, to improve the comprehensive rescue ability. To speed up the emergency rescue team construction comprehensive. By the end of the year, the eastern provinces to complete all the emergency rescue corps established, 80% of city, county to complete a task; In central and western areas of 50% 30% provincial, city and county to complete a task 3. To strengthen the construction of emergency rescue equipment. By the end of the year, the eastern necessary rescue equipment to all standard, each squadron fire rescue vehicles or less than four cars, JiuYuanChe rescue of not less than 1 a. To the use of social resources and establishing the government-led emergency call mechanism, give full play to the civil affairs, public health, municipal, traffic, environmental protection, water supply, power supply departments, ensure that the role of the emergency equipment when the need to quickly assemble in position.

 LiuJinGuo requirements, we will improve emergency linkage mechanism. To improve emergency response mechanism, submitted to the government to establish and perfect the emergency response mechanism, clear, safety supervision, public security, transportation, construction, health and the responsibilities of the department, municipal ensure that once the sudden disaster accident, can the first time response, the first time collaborative operations. To improve emergency command mechanism, promote the establishment of the government under the unified leadership of cross-functional across the region, the emergency command system, a flat command; Dalian municipal government relying on LvShunKouOu reference for fire forces, establish emergency command center mode. Integration To improve emergency safeguard mechanism, submit to the government relying on fire army establish emergency relief supplies, equipment, ensure repertory, emergency in need. To improve emergency dissemination reports and public opinion guide

LiuJinGuo emphasize and strengthen the emergency rescue leadership. To set up a government to all leaders, public security, emergency and helped send to, finance, administration, public health, traffic department leaders join the emergency rescue leadership team, build system of joint conference. To strengthen the inspection, submit to the government and comprehensive emergency rescue teams will construction into the target management, supervision and examination content into annual. To strengthen investigation and study, summarize and popularize the successful experience, the bold innovation comprehensive emergency rescue teams build team mode, improve the comprehensive emergency rescue level.
National related ministries JuBan, head of the liaoning province deputy governor TengWeiPing political consultative conference, vice chairman, head of department of public LiWenXi and other leaders of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and the provincial public sec

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