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2011 Chinese satellite application conference

Author:admin   2011-09-29 22:51

Start time: 2011-10-26
End time: 2011-10-28
Venue: Beijing
League of people: wang chao
The telephone number: 13051580665
Organizer: Chinese communication to learn
The organiser: Beijing great industry consulting Co., LTD
Approval unit: industry and the ministry of information

Satellite application conference is China's satellite application field at home and adroad much concern of the industry international meeting, is the largest annual information and event (scale 600 people), congress set theme workshops, equipment exhibition, satellite technology lectures, round table discussion at an organic whole, the industry is discussed satellite communications, satellite radio and satellite remote sensing and navigation positioning in application

Chinese satellite application congress's important mission is the collection DuoGe field, DuoZhong industry users of the information resources and satellite connections resources, realize satellite application vertical industry chain supply and marketing system integration, meet the industry chain transverse information exchange between the demand. By then, the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, NASA, the state administration of radio, the state administration of radio competent leadership in our

Conference website:http://www.china-satellite.org/

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